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Information research specialist provides security solutions to some of the most recognized companies and brands in the world. We deliver services that consistently exceed those of our peers.


Information research specialist can provide innovation and value by leveraging your technology services. IT in agriculture is

key to success, learn how we can help.


Banking & Financial Services

Today, networks are vast – with varied access points like ATM terminals, apps, kiosks, tablets, websites and traditional terminals. The IRS AI-driven approach remediates faster, requires minimal system/infrastructure, and blocks threats before they can execute.



Today’s modern learning environment is dynamic, leaning heavily on digital access for remote learning, educational apps, and administrative file keeping. Slow, vulnerable, signature-based security solutions can’t keep up with this growing attack surface.

IRS AI-based solutions can.

Energy & Utilities

As the energy industry becomes more connected, attackers are taking advantage of the vulnerabilities created by the gap between IT security and operations. IRS provides technology and services to close the gap and make it harder for hackers to penetrate systems.


Ransomware attacks are hitting every industry – including all levels of the public sector. Our team can evaluate your security posture to see if a security breach is happening or has already occurred. When. Where. How. We find it and provide recommendations to prevent another attack.


Security Services

Security Services

You’re proactive when it comes to the physical threats to your business. So why would you settle for anything less when protecting electronic assets.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Your backup and disaster recovery solution should just work. Every time. No ifs, ands, or, buts IRS leads the industry for fast, reliable recovery of the systems and data.

Industry Certified

Industry Certified

A Certified Information Systems security Professionals (CISSP) plans, designs and manages the controls that keep IT and business systems secure.

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